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Medical Care Criminal Violations

Whistle blowers should be applauded for the work they do to expose Medicare violations, because their efforts make a difference. Whenever they expose evidence of the damaging effects of the chemicals in drugs, they are keeping many people safe. Some of them work to uncover medical drug violations others to expose bad practices at nuclear plants, whatever it is , we should be grateful for their efforts

Fortunately the U.S Department Of Justice takes all this seriously and has been investigating reports of safety violations filed in the U.S False claims act. This is a positive step towards safer prescription drugs, an area that has been evasive to the U.S food and drug administration since most of the active ingredients are being processed abroad. By collaborating with the department of justice , the FDA will be better placed to discourage pharmaceutical makers in the USA and abroad from producing harmful drugs.

The justice department under the false claims act would enroll the help of whistleblowers in investigating these lawsuits. The Justice Department has vowed to be keen in monitoring chemical manufacturing plants Americans can rest assured, knowing that the drugs they take are good, because these two departments are working tirelessly, with whistleblowers to make it so. Government agencies have not been spared either, for example recently an employee of safety and health administration filed a case against OSHA. The employee reported that OSHA allowed companies to not report workplace injuries, therefore incriminating OSHA. This whistleblower was released from his job but was also awarded $820000 U.S dollars for his case and wrongful termination of his job.

In case you do find facts that prove fraud in the government you are eligible to become a whistleblower. If you win your case you may be paid some of the recovered money. Find a lawyer in a firm that specializes in criminal cases to help to with your claim. They are the obvious choice since they know how to guide your case under the false claims act. So they will guide you in filing your claim, and tell you your rights and obligations. The firm you choose should have already won some similar cases, so that you rest assured they are confident enough to handle your case. You should then be regarded as a hero for recovering taxpayers money and keeping Americans safe.

Finally you could go online and find great lawyers in your area, with the help of websites. These good whistleblower attorneys and legal representatives of the false claims act will assist you to get judgement quickly. They are the only way of handling health care neglects especially in manufacturing plants.

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