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Incorporate a Sand Ceremony Into Your Wedding and Make it Unique

A sand ceremony is a modern unique way of celebrating the coming together of two individuals or families. What is beautiful and unique about this ceremony is that the couple gets to have something tangible that they can keep at home as a permanent reminder of their commitment to each other.

When one compares the unity sand ceremony and the more traditional candle lighting unity ceremony,the former seems to express the idea of uniting into one a bit better than the latter. It is easy to see how sand can’t be separated once the two individuals in the couple pour the colored sand from their vases into the “shared” vase.

People who are planning to do a beach wedding can use the sand from beaches near where each was born to infuse meaning or a couple can place an order for the sand from Sandsational Sparkle.

There are people who choose to perform this ritual after they have exchanged the usual vows while others may elect to perform it at the reception.

The way the ceremony is performed is not a rule cast in stone,there is room for flexibility and decision making-one can decide to include their parents,children and the officiant while others may opt to leave them out.

Those in second marriages may find it important to have their kids pour their sand,as this symbolizes not only the merging of the groom and the bride into one but also harmonious unification of children into one strong family that will lovingly live together from that moment on.

When planning your sand ceremony,you may want to pay a little more attention to the quality of the vessel to be used as this will be a keepsake to remain with the couple for the remainder of their lives together.

Sandsational Sparkle recommends a minimum of 20 pounds of sand,of course more should be bought if several family members will participle in the sand pouring part of the ceremony.

One may also use the unity sand ceremony frame if they will be traveling;actually this is what is trending.

Other than sand ceremony vessels , Sandsational Sparkle also offers an array of decorations and unique gifts that will help make your day a memorable success.

You may also want to use sand ceremony vows;they are a little different from the traditional vows in wording,they were crafted with people like you in mind.

A sand unity ceremony is an opportunity to look inwards and ponder the depths of your love and romantic feelings,and gives you a chance to solidify your commitment to each other in a beautiful keepsake that will remind you of how pleasing and beautiful love really is.

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