ACO Trench Drain Technology for Industrial Setting

Generally, a trench drain goes by many names: channel drain, line drain, linear drain etc. A trench drain has a specific way of containing water or any liquid content. It is usually consisting of a channel-shaped body, enabling a rapid evacuation or collection of water and chemical spills. It is characterized by long dimensions and narrow width that can range between a wide variety of sizes. Many times, trench drains are confused with perforated pipes buried within the ground to draw out water. French drains are also wrongly associated with trench systems.

Initially, using slot drainage began from airports based on which manufacturers decided to engineer slot drainage for other types of construction projects that led to creating several variations in sizes, and load capacities. Many notable manufacturing companies, such as ACO technologies, have been the main contributors to the trench drain industry.

ACO Trench Drain Systems

ACO trench drain systems are designed as modular trench drains manufactured from stainless steel, polymer concrete that is corrosion resistant, fiberglass, and various grate materials for the purpose of loading applications. ACO drains are available in the following internal width sizes: 2”. 4”, 8” and 12”. The built-in slope of ACO drain systems go up to 130 ft. The ACO drain technology has reserved the title of a global leader in the trench drain industry for over 30 years. The drainage system accommodates needs for both a light and a heavy-duty solution.

The ACO technology caters to many residential and commercial needs. Their range of ACO Basins come in the following types and models:

– Point Drain
– Polymer Concrete Catch Basins
– Polymer Concrete Sumps
– Fiberglass Catch Basins

The ACO commercial slot drains are available in the following types/models:

– Q – Max 365
– Q – Max 465
– Q – Max 600

The ACO trench drains are manufactured with a wide variety, each kind is designed specifically for the purpose it is supposed to serve.

The KlassikDrain caters to applications in the following areas:

– Parking lots
– Garages
– Malls and Plazas
– Pedestrian zones
– Industrial zones
– Commercial zones

A FlowDrain’s typical applications include the following areas:

– Airports
– Garages
– Parking areas
– Gas stations
– Industrial zones
– Commercial zones

PowerDrain is a heavy duty trench drain whose application covers the following:

– Airports
– Highways or motoways
– Heavy duty industrial sites
– Gas stations
– Docks & ports
– Military bases

Other trench drain types include SlabDrain, Chemdrain, BrickSlot, and HighwayDrain. Each of these drains are designed to specifically suit the needs of different environments and settings (as the names suggest.

A company providing professional solutions for over two decades or more will have the experience and expertise necessary to perform to your satisfaction. A company’s commitment to excellence is its constant motivational force that keeps it prospering. As a consumer looking for quality installation and services, he should ensure all products are rigorously tested before implementation. Installing trench drains is one the very important tasks that will determine the proper functioning of the system all throughout. It is also advisable to go for a company that has positive reviews and is easily available for consultation.