How Do I Cool Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

Who knew the dynamics of industrial cutting oils & fluids were so complex? Well, the eggheads who design them of course. It’s true, the level of science that goes into the highly advanced manufacture of industrial cutting oils & fluids is staggering. It may also be true that the very people who use these mind-boggling substances, aren’t aware of the seriousness that goes into producing them. Such is the way with businesses that engage in symbiotic relationships of this type.

Industrial cutting fluids are responsible for a great many important things. High volume manufacturers of critical parts are very important to the economy. If one of their operations is put on hold for equipment burnout, there can be ramifications system wide, which can affect the bottom line and/or production goals or deadlines. Hence, industrial cooling fluids and oils for managing high speed, high temperature manufacturing, to the rescue.

Fluid dynamics is indeed a very complex science, and the afore mentioned eggheads are unsung heroes. They’ve devised methods and materials that can handle the ridiculous high speeds and high temperatures of many manufacturing machines. There is a full range of high performance fluids specifically designed to cool tools and cool the products that they forge.

This is, of course, a very niche area of business, which speaks of its commitment and dedication to the products that they produce. The liquids that are concocted by these tremendously experienced professionals, have properties beyond what most would expect. The customer knows what they want, not always. Some clients may be totally surprised by the way such cooling fluids can be engineered. Some can even be tailored to very precise specifications, depending on application and material being used. Such is the case for many industrial clients who often return again and again for these top-quality fluids.

The absolute need for cooling and cutting oils and fluids is, of course, well known by those who constantly use them. And those who constantly use them are also fully aware of the performance (or lack thereof) of some fluids that may be less costly but are also less effective. The huge demand for these dynamic fluids makes the competition very cut throat, however, top quality invariably reaches the top, and having been there for decades speaks of just how good cooling oils and fluids can be, not to mention how important.

Cutting corners can cut production. Put the brilliant developers of these fluids to task and give them a challenge. They are simply champing at the bit to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition and win your repeat business. The tool cooling fluid business is unique, but again, the demand is huge. Staying ahead of the competition also requires industry standard customer service which, often, speaks for itself. With said customer service, combined with top quality, word of mouth is sometimes enough, but every little bit helps. Sometimes tooting your own horn is A-OK, especially when your product is the best.