How to Spot a Mouse or Rat Infestation

Is your home infested with pests or mice? The reality is that mice and rats, as well as other pests, love to make their dwelling in homes that are warm and comfortable. If you are afraid that your house may be home to some unwanted guests, you should use the following tips to see if you might have a pest problem. If you do, make sure to get pest control service Greenville NC right away.

There are several signs of pest infestation that you should know about. The first is mice droppings. If they are new, they will still be moist and wet, but if they are old, they will be dried out and will fall apart when they are touched or picked up. Mice droppings are a sure sign that there are mice around your home.

You might also see streaks next to the droppings. Mice and rats like to leave a trail behind them so that they can follow the same trail the next time they want to get somewhere. To remember their way, they leave droppings, but they also leave fluids such as urine and saliva. You might see streaks of urine next to the mice droppings. Sometimes, you will be able to identify a urine odor. If you see both droppings and urine, you can be sure that there are some mice somewhere in your home.

Another sign that you have an infestation on your hands is if you hear strange scratching noises in the middle of the night. These noises will seem to come from inside your walls and inside your ceiling. You may not notice them at first until you pay extra attention. These noises are coming from mice living inside your walls. They are scratching while they are scampering about or while they are building their nests.

This brings us to the next point. If you see nests somewhere in your home, it may have been created by mice. Mice and rats like to use a lot of paper when they build their nests. They will use scraps of newspaper and other materials, such as cardboard. They will often build nests under counters and in corners, perhaps on the top of your kitchen countertops.

Another sign you may have a rat or mouse infestation is if you see strange gnaw marks around your home. If you leave food outside, you might see strange bite marks on your food. Mice like to eat through the cardboard boxes that surround your cereal. You may also find that they like to eat through Styrofoam containers, such as those that come with ready to eat noodle soups. You might also find droppings next to the food. In addition, mice can make gnaw marks on your electrical wires and on your wooden walls and furniture. They can even make holes in your walls.

If you see any of these signs, act right away. Mice and rats breed very fast, and you must get rid of them before they multiply.