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Techniques That Can Be Applied To Ensure Maximum Concentration Of Staff In Meetings

Meetings are important in any organization. Any business will find it significant to hold meetings and discuss the way forward for their business and matters pertaining in the running of their business. It is also a platform where employees get a chance to review their previous performance and set new targets. The staff plays a major role to ensure the meetings goes on successfully. Many managers want to conduct successful meetings that have minimal problems and where the employees will walk out having grasped everything discussed in the meetings. Most employees struggle to remain attentive during the meeting, and they may wander off few hours after the meeting has begun. Below are techniques that you can apply to ensure your employees remain attentive throughout the meeting.

Make sure you have the correct timing of your meeting It is essential to mind about the timing of your meeting A meeting should be conducted when the staff are not exhausted from the day’s work. It is important to have short breaks in between the meeting instead of prolonged hours of meeting. Running the meeting for long hours will make the employees to wander off and start thinking of other things. Introducing breaks in the middle of the meeting will give your employees a chance to clear their thoughts and browse through their emails and stretch outside while going to the restroom.

You need to motivate the employees to engage by asking questions during the meeting. This is a great way of making them attentive during the meeting. Before you change topics, introduce a forum of questions where they can make inquiry. You will find out their level of concentration by the type of questions that they bring forward. It is a positive method that you can use to make your staff contribute to the meeting. Avoid discussing things that are irrelevant to the main agenda of the meeting. Put your main focus on the agenda of the meeting. Make use of visual guides to assist you in keeping up with the main objectives of the meeting. If an employee brings a question that is not related to the topic, you can request them to forward it at the end of the meeting.

You should also reduce distractions. You should request the employees not to attend to their phone s in the course of the meeting. Cell phones cause distractions hence the need to have them off during meetings. You need to up the game of dealing with the staff’s primary causes of distractions. Ensure the boardroom is well cleaned and organized as this will ensure that the employees will not be distracted by their surroundings. The decorations should also be minimal.