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Pest Control: Increasing Awareness and Understanding About Termites

Out of the many types of pests infesting homes today, termites seem to be the most dangerous pests that can knock out the foundation of your home within just a few years. Termites are harder to handle because they may not be noticeable in the first few years, so they do not come with a warning, and once you notice them, it can be too late. Your home is a huge investment and you will blame yourself if you need to re-invest just because of termites damaging your home.

In order to fight them, we need to know the basic information about termites. The different types of termites include the dampwood termites, subterranean termites, and drywood termites. Subterranean termites love to live in the soil and are the ones building one of the largest nests, which are connected via trees and houses’ structural timbers. Dampwood termites belong to the Kalotermitidae and Hodotermitidae families, which are mostly found in woods having high moisture content. Drywood termites don’t require contact with the soil, and they belong to the family of Kalotermitidae, which are mostly found in wood, hardwood floors, and timber. Drywood termites cause slower damage as compared to subterranean termites which are responsible for damaging homes. To determine if your home has been infested with termites, you need to check for the warning signs such as the presence of wings, wood damage, mud tubes, brown pellets of excrements, and hollowness of wood. Termites can cause wood damage, which is found behind and below surfaces such as floors and walls. It is crucial to inspect wooden structures at least once a week to check for any damage because termites chew wood because of their cellulose, weakening and creating structural damage. It is crucial to inspect the wood surface, and contact a professional such as Le Mars Termite Exterminators, to help you in the inspection and treatment of termites infestations. As termites twist their wings off when digging through the wood, they may leave their wings behind, and a prompt action must be taken if you see same sizes of wings.

You can control and kill termites through several ways such as using insecticides (permethrin dust and arsenic dust), flooding termites, sunlight, electrocution, salts, orange oil, use of nematodes, lowering temperature, and using bug bombs. One of the most effective insecticides is permethrin dust, wherein you can get immediate results that last for a longer period, and also effective in killing ticks, ants, bagworms wasps and ground beetles. If you see small mud tubes created, you can drown the termites by flooding those areas. Let enough sunlight to enter your home by opening windows at daytime in order to kill termites naturally because sunlight dries damp areas where termites live and dwell. You can check our homepage or website to find out the best termites exterminator today!

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