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How a California Employment Lawyer Helps Protect Employee Rights

No matter if you were born in the US or immigrated to the country, your employment in California is protected by law. But that does not mean you won’t encounter violations of your employment rights, in which case, you should consult a lawyer for help. Legal assistance in case of employment issues may help with different scenarios such as underpayment of salaries, unsafe workplace environment, or even immigrant employee rights violations.

Here are major employment infringements for which you may need a Glendale lawyer’s representation:

Minimum Wage Violations

From January 1, 2017 going forward, all employees in California should earn not less than $10.5 per hour. When a company disobeys the labor law and pays lower than the minimum compensation, they’re forced to pay the victim liquidated damages as well as other stipulated penalties. These damages are actually compensation for a form of harm or inconvenience to a worker following their employer’s refusal to pay the minimum wage.

Unsafe Work Conditions

It’s the legal responsibility of an employer to ensure worker safety. Therefore, an employer must ensure logical safety procedures, train, and supply tools that keep workers staff at their workstations. If an employer fails in that duty and you’re injured as a result, you may be entitled to a lot more than just worker’s comp. It’s recommended that you engage an employment attorney who can investigate the scenario and determine if you should also pursue compensatory and punitive damages against your boss.

Immigrant Worker Protection

California has labor laws that make it illegal for an employer to report a worker’s immigration status (or threaten to) to the immigration authorities. So in case you’re in California illegally and protesting that your pay is under the minimum requirement, your boss may not disclose or threaten to disclose your status to the immigration department to get you to abandon your poor pay grievances. When an employer goes against the California employment regulations against the mistreatment of workers based on their immigration status faces up to $10,000 in civil fines per personnel for every breach.

Discrimination Codes

According to California employment codes, an employer may not discriminate against you because of your race, sex, sexual orientation, and other reasons. This state has enacted whistleblower protection regulations. Thus, in case you notice a violation of a local regulation by your employer, you may reveal it and not face dire consequences. Such whistleblower provisions also cover personnel who disclose suspicious illegal behavior noted where they work.

You can count on an employment attorney to help you out any of the possible workplace problems in California. Engage the lawyer concerning poor paying jobs, hazardous work environment, immigration-related malpractices, and other concerns.

Talk to a California employment lawyer for help if you feel your labor rights are being violated.

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