To Do List When Starting A Tree Service Business

If you happen to live in an area that is either moderately or densely lined with trees then chances are that you have been looking a business opportunity in the face and didn’t even know it. Starting a tree service can be a good business field to enter. Though it is seasonal work, if done right, it can sustain you throughout the year. Another thing to consider is that you’ll get more work if you are willing to travel. With that said, let’s see what you need to do to start.

Take Care Of The Business Aspect

As with any new business venture, you will want to take care of the backend tasks first. This includes register the business name and getting a license to operate, getting a tax ID number for state and federal, and opening up business bank account. With these things in place, your business will be up and running. Now it’s time to focus on the day to day operations.

Gather The Necessary Equipment

To be able to offer your tree services, you will require the tools of the trade. This means purchasing the tools and equipment that will allow you to cover every function related to tree services. You will need safety equipment, chainsaws, pruning equipment, ladders, and a truck. Purchasing all of this equipment new can set you back a great deal, so you may want to look into picking up some of the items used, such as used forestry trucks.

Don’t Forget Insurance

Every business has risks. Some have more than others. Accidents can and will happen at some point. With the type of work that is performed in tree services, there are risks to personal property and to personal injury. Because of this, you’ll want to carry liability insurance and disability insurance in case you get hurt on the job.

Tree services can be a very rewarding job. Just make sure that you educate yourself on how to complete the work and take the time to set up and equip your business before you start.