What to Look for When Hiring an Air Conditioning Contractor

As the years go by the hot months are getting even hotter. In these summer months, you may want or need to install an air conditioner if you don’t already have one. We all have met an air conditioning guy in passing, he may be able to cut you a nice deal. Beware, when you’re looking to hire you air conditioning contractor, make sure you hire a reputable company. Air conditioning units are not inexpensive, and they are expected to have a long life cooling your home. Things you should look for when you are hiring an air conditioning contractor are experience, equipment warranty, and customer reviews.

Experienced Company

You want a contractor that has experienced complications and knows how to problem solve. I understand that everyone must start somewhere, but just be mindful of that choice when you make it. If your home has never had an air conditioning system in it, or you’re trying to cool an area of the house that wasn’t designed for air conditioning, you will really need a knowledgeable contractor that can create a workable solution without costing you a fortune for trial and error repairs. See how long they have been in business. Ask the contractor questions and have them come out and do a consultation on your home to see if they’re confident in getting you a solution.

Equipment Warranty

You will be spending good money on your air conditioner. Your best bet is to get an extended warranty if it is offered. You will be using your new unit and the last thing you need is to forget about maintenance or repairing a part of it and having to replace the whole unit at cost. Ask about the life expectancy of your equipment and go from there. Home air conditioners will not last forever, but you want to get as much out of your new unit as possible. Also ask if service repairs or maintenance are included, or if you can get a maintenance contract. All these final costs should be broken down when you go over the installation paperwork. When I purchased my air conditioner I researched air conditioner installation Salem OR

Customer Reviews

If the company has a website, visit it, check out the testimonials. If you don’t trust those comments, search their name outside of the website, and see if customers are genuinely pleased with their work. I know sometimes we may overlook a bad review, but when it comes to big ticket items, it’s best to take a note from someone who had a bad experience. An air conditioner costs too much money to shrug your shoulders after the fact thinking if only you had listened.


When you are ready to make the call for your new air conditioner, use a seasoned professional, who can not only listen to your concerns, but can help you brainstorm and come up with a working solution for your home. Do your research on whichever company you decide to use. Make sure they have experience, offer a warranty, and have a positive reputation in the community they serve.