When to Use Spring Loaded Casters

You may be thinking that a caster is a caster. They all do the same job, so there probably isn’t much of a point to buying spring loaded casters. In reality, the type of caster you choose can have profound impacts on you, your employees, and your bottom line.

Time to Spring Into Action

Some of you may be wondering why casters would even have a spring to begin with. When you are moving items on a wheeled-cart, the movement sends shocks and vibrations up through the cart. This will usually cause your items to bounce and move, possibly causing damage to the items. Spring loaded casters give the casters more shock absorption while moving. By moving up and down with the caster, the springs take on a lot of that force and delivers a smooth ride to the items you are transporting.

We Have a Sensitive Situation Here

The most prominent use for spring loaded casters is to protect sensitive equipment, parts, and machinery. There are a number of industries and professions where sensitive and fragile equipment and items are transported on a daily basis. Those vibrations from rolling on carpet, over bumps, and around warehouse floors can have a very detrimental impact on your items.

The spring loaded casters can also help protect your flooring. Not only will the springs absorb shock and vibrations, but they will help prevent the excess weight from being applied. By absorbing some of this weight, you will give your flooring a bit of a break from the heavy back and forth trips with the carts.

This weight absorption doesn’t only help your flooring. The better weight distribution combined with the lower vibrations will actually help your carts last longer. Saving wear and tear on your equipment, especially items you use multiple times a day, is never a bad thing.