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Health Benefits of Massage Therapy It is therapeutic to get a massage after a long and tiresome day. A massage session relaxes you and it is great for stress management. There are many benefits that come with this form of therapy as listed below. Firstly, massage therapy reduces muscle pain. Many people experience muscle pain that can be very painful to deal with. A great tool for the relief of muscle pain and tension is massage. People claim to experience a relaxed and calm feeling after they get a massage. To target the deep layers of the muscles, kneading and circular massage movements are done. People who suffered from a certain injury will find this beneficial. Improved immunity is another benefit. When a person is regularly stressed, their immunity becomes lessened. When the immunity has less capabilities for body defence, a person can easily get ill from infections. Massage sessions done on a regular basis improves a person’s immunity. Improvement of immunity happens due to a number of factors. When the cytotoxic capacity within the body is activated killer cells that fight infections are produced. The immune system becomes more effective when T cells are eliminated through the process. At the end of a massage ,immunity is boosted because of the serotonin that is produced naturally. Fighting depression is easy with massage therapy. When depression hits, it is best to fight it through massage therapy. When cortisol levels increase in the body, stress and unhappiness are the emotions that a person will experience. Cortisol levels can be decreased by 50% using this type of therapy. Stabilization and improvement of moods are as a result of the increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine. Flexibility and the range of motion are improved by massage therapy. Tightened joints are as a result of aging and a lot of activity. The restriction of joints causes flexibility and range of motion to be reduced. Increase in flexibility and range of motion is possible with massage therapy. Therapists main focus is on kneading muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, and joints. Most people experience more fluidity with the joints which improves comfort and reduces injuries. Blood flow is increased with massage therapy. The effects of poor blood circulation are numerous maladies, including achiness, pain, fatigue, and tense muscles. The kneading movements improve blood circulation as pressure is usually applied to move blood to other regions.
Case Study: My Experience With Massages
When the pressure is released, new blood rushes in quickly. When pressure is exerted during massage, lactic acid is flushed out. The lymph nodes are then able to release metabolic wastes effectively. Case Study: My Experience With Massages